Merrimack 4th of July Festivities are a private/public collaboration between the Rotary Club of Merrimack and Town of Merrimack.


Thank you to our community sponsors!

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Neil Anketell

Merrimack4th Sponsorships 

Chris Christensen

Rotary Club of Merrimack

Troy Aarthun, President

Rotarians Chris Christensen and Troy Aarthun receive a sponsorship check from Dr. Melissa Wu from  Medical Immediate Care.

Merrimack Immediate Care, Rotary Join for July 4th Events

​​Press Release
For Immediate Release
May 13, 2017
Contact:  Maureen Mooney 603.233.0319

MERRIMACK, NH - The Merrimack Rotary Club welcomes Merrimack Immediate Care as a Founders Level Partner for the July 4th Family Fun Day and Pancake Breakfast sponsor.

"Merrimack Rotary is proud to have Immediate Care as a lead sponsor," said Troy Aarthun, President of the Rotary Club of Merrimack." By sponsoring, Merrimack Immediate Care has expressed a great interest in the local community."

"There are thousands of dollars in fixed costs for this project: Tents, stage rentals, electrical equipment, and amusement attractions are some of the most obvious. Our lead musical attraction, Studio Two received tremendous community support, and we welcome them back. Without our partnering sponsors, this event could never happen on such a scale as it does now" said general chairman Neil Anketell. "As a Founder level sponsor we are excited to have Merrimack Immediate Care taking a leadership position again."

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